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Free games to play on your phone, tablet and laptop!

Here at Starfish Towers, we are mighty excited by the prospect of HTML5 games.

Play on your phone (or browser) with no need to install apps!

Check out some games and demos we've made

All titles are optimised for Mobile devices

Flappy Saucer
Rabid Rabids
Rabid Rabits

Some good 'ol fashioned shooting mayhem.


Help the birdie escape to freedom!
Avoid the birds, bees and other nasties.

Junkd Prototype icon

Playable prototype of realtime 2 player game.

The finished game (being polished at the moment) uses websockets and nodejs for realtime fun!

Santa's Helpers
Santa's Helpers

Some festive fun, aimed at children

Pop game icon

Burst the bubbles before the reach the top of the screen

Pots of Gold icon
Pots of Gold

It's raining gold. Be sure to catch them all, though!

BumbleBomber icon

Entry for the 2nd competition

The challenge was to build a bullet hell shoot 'em up in 12 hours